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Liquidity risks

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My Annual Report

Market risks

Liquidity risks

The liquidity of the Deutsche EuroShop Group is continuously monitored and planned. The subsidiaries regularly have sufficient cash to be able to pay for their current commitments. Furthermore, credit lines and bank overdrafts can also be made use of at short notice.

The contractually agreed future interest and principal repayments of the original financial liabilities and derivative financial instruments are to be shown in undiscounted form and are as follows as at 31 December 2008:

in € thousands Carrying amount 31 Dec 2008 Cash flows 2009 Cash flows 2010 until 2013 Cash flows from 2014
Bankverbindlichkeiten 899,808 102,053 502,585 616,325

The amounts relate to all contractual commitments existing on the balance sheet date. Of the trade payables reported at the end of the financial year and other financial liabilities, the majority will be due in 2009.

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