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Disclosures on the consolidated income statement

20. Revenue

in € thousands 2008 2007
minimum rental income 112,118 92,077
Turnover rental income 2,301 2,271
Other revenue 924 1,414
  115,343 95,762
thereof investment property under IAS 40 directly attributable rental income 115,343 95,762

Other revenue relates primarily to compensation for use and settlement payments made to former tenants.

The amounts reported here as operating leasing agreements relate to rental income from the investment property with long-term rental periods. With these types of leasing agreements, future minimum leasing payments from non- terminable rental agreements must be disclosed up to the end of the term.

The following maturities arise from the minimum leasing payments:

in € thousands 2008 2007
maturity within a year 119,459 108,147
maturity from 1 to 5 years 401,125 425,781
maturity after 5 years 274,531 329,794
  795,115 863,722

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