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My Annual Report


Climate protection is one of the most important issues for Deutsche EuroShop. We believe that sustainability and profitability, the shopping experience and environmental awareness do not have to be opposites. Long-term thinking is part of our strategy. This includes playing our part in environmental protection.

Since 1 January 2008, eight shopping centers in our German portfolio have signed contracts with suppliers that use regenerative energy sources such as hydroelectric power for their electricity needs. From opening day onwards, the shopping centers in Hameln and Passau, which opened in 2008, have also received their certified green electricity from the ‘EnergieVision’ organisation with the renowned ‘ok-power’ accreditation.

The ten participating shopping centers used a total of around 41 million kWh of the certified green electricity for 2008. This represented over 75% of the electricity requirements in our German shopping centers. Thus, according to conservative calculations, this meant a reduction of around 10,000 metric tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions - this equates to the annual CO2 emissions of 450 two-person households.

All other shopping centers in our portfolio are still contractually bound to local electricity providers. In the years to come, these centers - and the shopping centers abroad - will be switched to green energy.

In the past we have reduced the energy consumption of our shopping centers by using heat exchangers and energy-saving light bulbs. Since 2007, Deutsche EuroShop has been participating in the climate protection and energy efficiency initiative ‘cool down’ introduced by ECE and Philips. To increase energy efficiency, experts are currently working on the potential for optimising the energy consumption in our shopping centers.

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