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My Annual Report

Relationships to shareholders

Shareholders exercise their rights in matters concerning the Company at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting elects the members of the Supervisory Board and passes resolutions approving the actions of the Executive and Supervisory Boards. It decides on the appropriation of the unappropriated surplus and also on the compensation of the Supervisory Board, as well as on amendments to the Company‘s Articles of Association. The Annual General Meeting, at which the Executive and Supervisory Boards give an account of the past financial year, takes place once a year. When resolutions are adopted at the Annual General Meeting, each share grants one vote in line with the principle of ‘one share - one vote’. Every shareholder is entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and to speak and submit questions about items on the agenda.

Deutsche EuroShop reports to its shareholders and to the public on the Company‘s business development, financial position and results of operations four times a year in line with a financial calendar. Press releases also inform the public and the media of Company activities. Information that may materially influence the Company‘s share price is published in the form of ad hoc disclosures in accordance with the legal requirements.

The Executive Board gives regular presentations to analysts and at investor events as part of the Company’s investor relations activities. Analyst conferences on the release of the annual and quarterly financial statements are broadcast over the Internet, where they are available to anyone interested in the Company. In addition, Deutsche EuroShop provides financial information and other information about the Deutsche EuroShop Group on its web site.

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